Publicity and Clipart

Peace Light explanation and flyer templates can be edited to suit local services and distribution (written in Word and Adobe format)

Peace Light Service Sheet Master (44kb)

Reading "I had a box of brilliant colours.." (3kb)

Peace Light Summary Sheet (229kb)

Peace Light Prayer (8kb)

Peace Light Screen Saver (198kb)

The Magi and the Peace Light

UK Message to BSA Peace Light Ceremony at JFK Airport (318kb)

Peace Light Distribution & Contact Cards

Peace Light Covid RA

...The clipart is free to use, the logo's have been used by various Peace Light Countries, and may be incorporated into any publicity or publications you may choose to produce......

The Peace Light Hymn

(sung to the tune of "Edelweiss" as a link to the Austrian Scouts and Guides)

Father God, up above, All your blessings surround us,

Love and Care, everywhere, In all the world around us,

Grant that our service may be of use,

Bless the Peacelight endeavour,

Father God, up above, Bless us now and forever.

Guitar Tabulature

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