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Peter - Fellow Scout, UK Peace Light Organiser, BRSF Chairman and Friend - Sadly passed away November 2012 following a long illness.

Although I knew you well before, but in 1996 I recall you rang me a few weeks before Christmas asking "could you do anything with a light from Bethlehem" - that was the origins of the Peace Light Campaign in the UK and late America and Canada. I remember how we used to smile at the success of this project and how it had developed over the years. I also recall the weekend we travelled over to Vienna in 1999 as the UK contingent to collect the Light on behalf of the French and British Scouts and Guides. We did so much travelling, met so many people, toured Vienna and Paris, drank mulled wine and ate salami. We laughed and joked and shared stories along the way - a true Scouting experience - Thank You

Over the years we have both stayed involved with the distribution of the Light but you always ensured it's delivery from Dover to Bedford and then from Bedford to Leicester and Soham to ensure the Light reached all the people that appreciate its comfort and significance.

On behalf of all the recipients of Light in the UK and Ireland - we "Thank You" both for your dedication to the Peace Light and your role in its distribution.


Margaret - Fellow Scout, UK Peace Light Co-ordinator, DSSF Member - Sadly passed away in October 2023,

Margaret - Over twenty five years service to the Peace Light project, co-ordinating, collecting and delivering that "little Flame" across the UK, either collecting or helping others collect the Light from the French Scouts, then distributing Dover to Exeter and all points in between, before it was taken on to Brownsea Island, South Wales, Devon and Cornwall. On behalf of everyone at home or across the world, who has ever been involved with the Peace Light and all those who have found peace and hope in its glow, we "Thank You" more than you could ever know.


Richard - Fellow Scout, UK Peace Light Courier, DSSF Member - Sadly passed away in October 2013, following a long illness.

Richard - I did not know you as well as I knew Peter but over the years we have worked together on the Peace Light project delivering this "special gift" across the UK, you helping Margaret to deliver the Light across the South Coast and to the South West, again on behalf of the all the recipients across the UK, particularly "your" contacts - "Thank You"


Father John Seddon - Fellow Scout, Former National Roman Catholic Chaplain, UK Peace Light Courier, Honorary DSSF Member - Sadly passed away in February 2015 this year, following illness.

Fr. John - although we never met, we shared e-mails as we arranged delivery of the Peace Light to the North West England and collection by the Scouts in Ireland - speaking to others that knew him better, talk of him being "a great guy and was terrific with kids". He used to deliver the Peace Light in Liverpool RC Cathedral and surrounding areas including one Christmas Eve getting it televised live on BBC as part of the Midnight Mass. He also worked with fellow Scouts in Ireland to ensure the Peace Light was delivered to Holyhead to be collected by their representatives and distributed both North and South of the border. Father John was also made an honorary DSSF member as he regularly sailed as a Chaplain on cruise ships and had spoke of his trips at one of the DSSF AGMs. Looking around the web "Father John" as he was often called, was a cruise chaplain with the Apostleship of the Sea (AoS) for more than two decades. Before being ordained a priest for the Archdiocese of Liverpool, Father John worked for the Inland Revenue and was in the Royal Navy Reserve. He became AoS port chaplain to Liverpool in 1989 and undertook his first cruise the following year.Since then he served on more than 25 cruises, his last was on the Aurora during Easter 2014.

On behalf of all the recipients of Light in the UK and Ireland - we "Thank You" both for your dedication to the Peace Light and your role in its distribution.


Paul - Fellow Scout, US Peace Light Organiser, BSA Scout - Sadly passed away in October 2019

Paul - We emailed every year about our Peace Light arrangements and wished each other luck with our distributions. On behalf of all the recipients of Light across the United States and Canada, "Thank You" for your help and assistance over the years with that "little flame" we shared


Margaret - Fellow Scout, Member of DSS SASU and Foreland SASU, UK Peace Light Courier - Sadly passed away in April 2020

Margaret with her husband Nigel have been stalwarts of the DSS SASU and the North Foreland SASU. For the last 15 years they has travelled to France as valuable members of the small group that brings the Peacelight back to the UK. Margaret we are blessed to have had your friendship, you will be greatly missed.


Following the "Covid Years 2020-1" when we were unable to collect and share the Peace Light, We remember all the people who helped and support the distribution of the Peace Light, but sadly they are no longer with us. We appreciate all they did and how much their participation is missed. Thank You All.


And finally, I for one will recall with each "flicker" of the Light as it continues its travels across the world - all the memories, our work together and your devotion to the quest of Peace


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