Build a Peace Light Lantern Carrier

Long Distance Transportation

To transport the Peace Light safely, it better to build a carrier to suit the lamp/lantern you intend to use. The plan below is intended as a guide and dimensions will relevant to the lamp and resources you have available. If you have somebody who can manufacture the carrier from scratch all the better. However if you are not that lucky, try your local sweet shop, see if they have any of the large "tin buckets" that Chubba Chub lollipops are sold in.

Line the base of the bucket with non combustible material, an acoustic ceiling tile is ideal, cutting a suitable hole for the base of your lamp to sit. Three quarters of the way up the side of the bucket, cut some ventilation holes for the lamp (beware of any sharp edges). Next take the lid and cut a hole approx 3" diameter in the centre of it, now fabricate a cover for the hole that will stand on three or four "legs" again to ventilate the lamp. Finally make a hook that can be fixed into the cover you have just made, that will hang down and secure the lamp.

Another Lamp Carrier Design

Local Transportation

Needless to say that if transporting a lamp or lantern locally the carrier need not be as robust as the one above. With a bit of ingenuity is is quite easy to "knock up" a ventilated biscuit tin or cake tin that will hold and protect your lamp.

Lamp and Carrier (interior)

Carrier (exterior)

Another carrier idea that has been used successfully for a number of years is made from a length of drain or air duct tubing that fits loosely over the lamp. It is drilled and fitted a long coach bolt near the top that acts as a hanger and gimble - allowing the lamp to rock from side to side. There is also another hole about 25mm wide, level with the flame, so the flame can be viewed giving an indication if the lamp requires refuelling.

Lamp and Carrier

Lamp in Carrier

Here is another example of a hurricane lamp housed in a tin carrier, this is supported at the base by "slide in" clamps, ensuring the lamp is held secure in transit, the other beauty of this kind of housing is that spills or taper can be slipped inside - very handy when transferring the light.

Lamp and Carrier

Lamp Clamped in Position

Needless to say there are many different ideas of how the flame is carried however I must ask that however you transport the flame please bear in mind SAFETY FIRST!


Examples of other lamps

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