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British Rail Scout Fellowship ASU, as its name implies was originally formed of Rail Industry staff and their partners who have links to the Scout Association either as leaders or other roles within the movement. Apart from advising and helping the Association with the use of the Rail Network, also arrange meetings and activities for their members. The BRSF are the prime advisors to the movement of the Peace Light movement by rail across the UK. The Fellowship has now been set up as a separate unit from the Association but still provides help and assistance to members of the Association travelling by or using trains.

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Deep Sea Scouts is an organisation of the Scout Association members who have links to the Royal or Merchant Navy. As well as an Annual General Meeting and Reunion each April, the Fellowship provide an active role to many International Camps and the Gilwell Reunion.

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UK Peacelight Co-Ordinators - Members of Deep Sea Scouts in Dover liaise with the Austrian representatives to collect and organise the Peace Light distribution through the UK, "click" on the E-Mail logo to contact them direct.

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