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* WAGGGS World

Derbyshire Scouts


Leicestershire Scouts

* Lincolnshire Scouts

Nottinghamshire Scouts

Huddersfield South West Scouts 

Clyde Regional  Scout Council

Bedfordshire Scouts

Austrian Scouts Peacelight

* BSA Facebook International Peacelight Site

Swedish Scouts Peacelight

 * German Scouts Peacelight Facebook

BSA Troop 113CC - Northern Star Council 

 Italian Scouts

Luxembourg Scouts & Guides

Peace Light North America

Spanish Scouts Peacelight

ORF - Austrian TV / Radio

  Swiss Friedenlicht Website

Ukrainian Scouts Peacelight

Mexican Scouts

Irish Scouts

Russian Scouts Peacelight

Plast - Ukrainian Scouts in UK

Welsh Scouts

* Plast - Ukrainian Scouts in USA

Transatlantic Council: BSA (Mayflower District)

Polish Scouts Peacelight

Czech Republic Peace Light

Dutch Scouts Peacelight

Scouts Canada

National Memorial Arboretum

National Organisation of the Scouts of Ukraine - NOSU 

Scouts and Guides of France

Brooklyn Catholic Committee on Scouts, New York

Girls Brigade

ORF "Licht Ins Dunkel" - "Light In Darkness"

Gibraltar Scouting

Help Find Madeleine McCann 

PLAST Canada

* Messengers of Peace

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