Peace Child - Friedenslichtkind

2018's "Peace Child" - Niklas Lehner

"The Peace Child" or "Friedenslichkind" - Each year, a child from Upper Austria is picked to travel to the Holy Land to collect the Peace Light from the Nativity Grotto in Bethlehem. The Peace Light is then flown back to Vienna for distribution at a Service of Dedication attended by Scout and Guide delegations from across Europe. From there the Scouts and Guides from across Europe collect the Light, with it's message of Peace and take it back to their own countries and communities passing on the Light on to others along the way. In addition the Light is flown America and Canada for distrubtion across those countries.

"The 2018 Peace Child is Niklas who comes from Vorchdorf in the district of Gmunden, Upper Austria. Eleven year old Tobias will travel to the Holy Land to light this years Peace Light lantern from the Eternal Flame in the Nativity Grotto in Bethlehem on Wed 28th Dec before returning to Vienna. In so doing continuing the 32 year Christmas tradition of spreading a message of Peace and Hope. As 2018 celebrates the 30th year that the Scouts and Guides of Europe have helped with the distribution of the Light the Scouts of Austria were invited to nominate this years Peace Child.

"Nominated by by the Austrian Scouts, Niklas is a Scout in Vorchdorf, was selected because he is considered very conscietious and has been involved with many groups who support the Peace Light. Niklas says "Peace starts for me on a small scale. One should not argue with the family and there should be no war. Everybody has to help". His Scout Leader Peter Repczuk says "Niklas is body and soul of a Boy Scout and he has been involved with the distribution of the Peace Light through the Scouts in his home church from a young age, especially on Christmas Eve". And adds "Niklas is a role model for charity and a true representation for what the peace light stands for: making people happy and inspiring peace".

Apart from Scouting, Niklas is a keen sportsman a very keen footballer playing for the U12 ASKÖ Vorchdorf team, and is also a big fan of Bayern Munich and David Alaba - such that when he is older, Niklas would like to become a professional player, preferably in defense - or maybe become a doctor. Niklas also has a "musical talent" as he plays the drums with the Musikverein Siebenbürger marching band and is member of the Church Choir.

Niklas's family, Brigitte and Franz Lehner are very proud of him and feel it is a great honour that he was selected, in fact at first they could not believe that their son was chosen as this years "Peace Child". They will both will accompany their son to the Holy Land, where he along with a delegation of pilgrims from Upper Austria, will collect the Light from the Nativity Grotto on Wed 28th Nov before returning to Austria to share the Peace Light with the rest of the world.

Collecting the Peace Light 2015 Peace Light transfered to the Austrian team, overseen by the Mayor of Bethlehem and a member of the Austrian diplomatic team in Palestine.

Peace Children - Friedenslichtkind


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