These are photographs of the Peace Light on its journey through Europe, en route to the UK, with the help of our Fellow Scouts and Guides in Europe.

Europe 2008 / 2009

"A Gift of Light - A Gift of Hope"

Collection at Bethlehem 2008 Transfer from French Scouts to UK Contingent at Arras 2008
Bethlehem - Peace Child Simon collects the Peace Light 2009 Bethlehem 2009
Bethune France - Collection by UK Representatives 2009 Bethune France - Reading by UK Representative 2009
Bethune France - Reception of the Peace Light, the children meeting and carrying the light to the church door 2009 Bethune France - On the steps of the Town Hall in the Market square 2009
The light is carried out into the market to the people of Bethune, France. 2009  

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