These are photographs of the Peace Light on its journey through Europe, en route to the UK, with the help of our Fellow Scouts and Guides in Europe.

Europe 2001 - 2004

"A Gift of Light - A Gift of Hope"

The Paris handover ceremony from the German couriers to the French Scouts and British Scouts in Western Europe. (2001)

The lady with her nose against the train window is Margaret who collected the Light en route to Ground Zero. (2001)

The Peace Light arrives at the Vienna Reception Service (2001)

The Light's Reception Committee at Paris L'Est Station (BWSE & Scouts de France) (2001)

Collecting the Light at Gare De L'est, Paris (2001)

The Peace Light in its International Carrier (2001)

Scouts and Guides that carried in the Light to the BSWE carol service (2001)

Vienna Peace Light Service (2001)

A Thank You badge for the Austrian Organisers (2001)

European Scouts and Guides meet in Vienna to collect the light for their countries (2001)

The National Executive Committee of the Scouts de France who welcomed the light during a break from their quarterly executive meeting (2001)

Maisons Laffitte is the horse racing centre of France, so the local Scouts transferred the Peace Light on horseback (2001)


As can be seen the handover between BSWE (France & Belgium) to the Deep Sea Scout Fellowship was in very cold conditions in Calais (2002)

 On the Channel Ferry 2004


UK collection from French Scouts at Lille 2004


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